Committees 2018

Membership Committee

The membership committee manages new members and members in retention.

Christian Kulczytzky
Rebecca Gershen
Marge Ginsberg

Programs Committee

The programs committee manages all aspects of programs – speakers, logistics, etc.

Cindy Finkelman
Robert Galvin
Michael Israel

National Programs/RLF Committee

Joe Plasencia
Terry Coull

Marketing Committee

The marketing committee manages external marketing membership, internal membership marketing, events marketing, PR & publicity. It also creates marketing copy of social media platforms and members attend SIM National Marketing calls, if any. Lastly, they manage content on WebMaster. 

Sunil Notani
Colette Rubio
Clarice Kennedy

Academic Affairs Committee

The academic affairs committee serves as a liaison between education and business. They provide mentoring, scholarships, internships to students in the STEM field.

Rashmi Jain
Kevin Muller
Candace Fleming

Planning Committee

Lana Lokteva

Technology – Website Committee

The technology community develops NY SIM’s technology road map and also works on managing online content.

Daniel Goreki
Shabana Pathan
Marcos Lindley
Craig Thomas

Partner Relations Committee

The partner relations committee is responsible for the relationship with partners.

Erik Tomasi
Clarice Kennedy
Doug LaMere

Community Outreach Committee

SIMNY seeks to give back to the local communities by supporting programs which contribute to the vitality and continuation of the Information Technology profession. The Community Outreach committee partnerships with New York City, N Power, schools and non profit organizations.

Judy Arteche-Carr
Simon Moloney
Suhit Gupta
Mark Polansky
Jeffrey Wu

SIM Women Committee

SIM Women is a network inside the SIM association that promotes mentorship, communication and career development among the female members of SIM. 

Katherine Egan
Judy Arteche-Carr

Members in Transition Committee

The Members in Transition committee connects SIMNY Metro members to SIM National on transition initiatives.

Christina Strack
Linda Orlando