Membership Criteria

SIM’s focus is on our practitioner members (CIOs and direct reports). All others must demonstrate how they can provide value to this group (at a high level). Those applying for membership in the NY Metro Chapter of SIM International must fall within the six membership categories listed below:

  1. Practitioner: A senior information management (IM) professional in a private or public sector organization who is a corporate/division head of a member of an IM team supporting the corporate/division IM head with key management responsibilities. This category includes:
    • Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
    • CIO or CTO direct reports
    • IM leaders and managers, who significantly impact the profitability and direction of their company
  2. Academic: A full time university or college faculty member who is making significant contribution to the Information Management (IM) field. An academician or a scientist, who is a recognized scholar and conducts practice-oriented research and/or is a leader in IM curriculum design initiatives. Anyone who has reached a senior level in the academic community and has significant influence over the direction of IM education.
  3. Consultant: An industry recognized expert from a consulting firm may qualify for SIM membership based on their contributions to the IM world. Leaders of tier 1 firms at the partner/managing director level who influence the direction of their own company or the direction of their clients’ companies may qualify. These individuals must be able to demonstrate that they operate at the senior executive level to qualify and their responsibilities are primarily in delivering IM services, not primarily selling IM services. Qualified individuals should be aware that SIM NY Metro maintains a strict “no solicitation policy”. President/Owners of smaller consulting practices may also qualify. Restricted to 1 person per firm or 1 person per major practice area of tier 1 firms and subject to SIMNY maximums for this category.
  4. Other Leaders: A software product vendor, IT executive recruiter, non IT executive, or leader from another profession with a major role in matters that impact the strategic direction of business and technology will be considered for membership. Restricted to 1 person per firm or 1 person per major practice area of tier 1 firms and subject to SIMNY maximums for this category. Actively participating in SIMNY initiatives is a plus.
  5. Independent Consultants: There are 3 types of independent memberships that are accommodated:
    • If your membership was active when you become independent you would be able to continue your membership as an individual.
    • If you are a widely recognized and sought after individual in the IT industry (published, speaking, contracted by major clients, etc)
    • If you held a clearly top level position (CIO or equivalent) in a major organization where the knowledge you have gained is business oriented (non-technical) and  will remain viable for some time.
    • If you offer your assistance on a SIMNY committee.
  6. In Transition: In-Transition Applicants will be accommodated if:
    • Your last position would have qualified them to be practitioner or academic members.
    • You’re seeking practitioner employment (even if currently employed in consulting).
    • You agree to help on a SIMNY committee.