Our Vision and Mission

To be recognized as the community IT leaders most prefer for acquiring vital knowledge that provides business value and enables personal development.

SIM is an association of senior IT executives, prominent academicians, selected consultants, and other IT thought leaders.  Built on a foundation of local chapters, these leaders come together to share and enhance their intellectual capital for the benefit of their organizations. This is accomplished through a series of local presentations, various meetings and symposiums, a variety of publications and partnering with key knowledge leaders.

SIM members strongly believe in and champion:

    • The alignment of IT and business as a valued partnership.
    • The creation and sharing of best practices;
    • The effective, efficient and innovative business use of information technology to continuously bring to market valuable products and services;
    • IT management and leadership skills development that enables our members growth at each stage of their career;
    • The replenishment and education of future IT leaders including a strong role in influencing university curriculums and continuing education;
    • Working with the IT industry to shape its direction;
    • Policies and legislation that stimulate innovation, economic development, healthy competition and IT job creation;
    • Serving our communities and the industry through giving and outreach.