Christina Strack

Christina Strack is a Sales Director working for Tata Consultancy Services. Previously, she initiated and was the global head of Morgan Stanley’s End User Experience program within the firm’s Tech & Data’s Product Management division. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, she was a Global Account Executive at Dell, where she sold the product & services portfolio to major accounts with the Banking & Securities industry vertical including Morgan Stanley.

Christina was raised in an American home without magazines, newspapers or television. It is here that she grew to value original thought, critical thinking, and wisdom. These childhood values are what would ultimately empower her to solve complex technology challenges for clients in Silicon Valley & New York City. She officially entered the information technology industry in 1993, after competing for & landing a Help Desk internship at the Indiana University Foundation.

During the formative years of her career, she credits Oracle’s Infrastructure Systems Engineering team as the team which embraced her into their collaborative team culture, and taught her sustainable best practices for maintaining & troubleshooting technology. In 2001, she started an infrastructure consulting firm, Werkflow, and ran the company in accordance with her acquired best practices for 6 years. Her perspective as a business owner of a technology company remains present with her today.

Her distinctive background has enabled her to build bridges, solve problems & deliver revenue as a leader & team member in partnership with executives, salespeople, engineers, and clients. She currently heads up our New York Metro MIT committee, which provides support and advice to our leaders and members along their career journeys.