Mitchell Schneider

Mitchell Schneider has had a made career being COO and CTO of small and medium sized companies engaged in the product distribution, sustainable energy services, product development and manufacturing industries (national and international). Typically, these companies are growing to the next level of their vertical, and he has provided the technical and operational management needed to achieve this success. Currently, he is President of his own consulting firm, Koolmax Professional Services, where he continues to provide this guidance to companies needing help to grow or needing an analysis of potential companies to acquire.

Mitchell, a graduate of Boston University, is also the founder and moderator of the SIM National Career Growth and Networking Monthly Educational Call/Webinar. Started in November 2016, the SIM:CGN call has engaged guests on an informal level who are top CIO’s, COO’s, recruiters and career coaches. Monthly, SIM members are educated on networking, job search & moving their careers forward. For more information please visit